Throughout the week of Valentine's Day, the Health and Physical Education Department taught on the importance of exercise and proper nutrition to prevent heart disease and strokes.  We shared interesting facts like:  "Did you know your heart weighs as much as a sneaker and is the size of your fist?" and "Your heart beats about 100,000 times in one day and about 35 million times in one year. During an average lifetime, the human heart will beat more than 2.5 billion times."  We know that many are affected by heart disease and stroke, so we sponsored a "Hats for Hearts" day to promote awareness and raise money.
 We are pleased to announce that the faculty, staff, and students have raised...
$1223.03which exceeded last years $955! 
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 9-19-14


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For the 2014-2015 school year, the Health and Physical Education Department at SAES is helping to raise awareness for ALS.  During classes, students will be learning more about ALS, why the "Ice Bucket Challenge" takes place, and the importance of charitable outreach.  On Friday, September 19th, raffle tickets will be pulled and students will be dumping buckets of ice on ALL of the SAES P.E. teachers.  To help, please send your child in with a monetary donation.  Thank you for your support in our endeavor.
$1500.00 RAISED 

  • The medical name for ALS is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis but everyone just calls it “ALS”. Some people call it “Lou Gehrig’s disease” because a great baseball player named Lou Gehrig had the disease.
  • Usually when we move, our brains send a message to our nerves and our nerves then send messages to make muscles work inside our body. With ALS, something goes wrong with the nerves. After awhile fewer and fewer messages get through, so the muscles will not move properly. If none of the messages get through, the muscles will stop working, no matter how hard the person tries.
  • ALS attacks only the nerves (motor neurons) it does not affect the brain so the person with ALS can still see, hear, taste, smell, feel and touch.
  • ALS causes changes in the muscles in the legs, arms, mouth and throat. Sometimes people lose the use of their arms, legs and throat making it difficult for them to move or communicate even though their brain is still functioning normal. The person is still the same “inside” as they were before the illness started.
  • We don’t know what causes ALS but lots of scientists are working hard to find out. ALS is not contagious (you cannot catch it from someone who has it). Sadly it is an illness from which most people die which is why we need to find a cause and cure.
  • The Ice Bucket Challenge is done to help people learn more about the disease and what happens to people who have it. The Ice Bucket Challenge is also done to raise money to give to doctors to help find out more about ALS.


Make A Wish Banner

     Limo Lunch Slideshow


2011-2012 Collections Totaled:$10,620
2010-2011 Collections Totaled:$13,250
2009-2010 Collections Totaled:$12,255
Thank you for making a difference.

We are looking forward to another amazing year of promoting health and wellness with our students and in the community of the Shaler Area.  Although we have held different events in the past (a Dance, Teacher Vs. Contest, Limo Lunch), we are always amazed at the amount of money students are able to collect and donate.  This year will mark our fourth year of supporting children in need through the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater PA.

Last school year we hosted a LIMO LUNCH.  Continue reading for an explanation of the fun events students were able to enjoy and/or click the link above for the video slideshow.

UPDATED information will be posted as we get closer to the fundraising dates so please check back in early spring!

2011-2012 EXPLANATION:
Students can win the Limo Lunch one of two ways. They can buy a $1 raffle ticket and be entered into the drawing. There will be one winner drawn from each grade level and that student can pick one friend to join them on the Limo Lunch.  The second way a student can join the lunch is by raising the most money in collected donations.  He or she will also get to pick a friend to join them. 
On May 23rd, eight students and two teachers will be picked up by a stretch limo donated to us for free byThe Pittsburgh Limocompany. From the school, they’ll head to the Hard Rock Café toenjoy a delicious lunch of their choosing. Once lunch is over, they’ll be taken to the Gulf Towers to visit the Make-A-Wish headquarters. They’ll get a chance to meet Brittany, the liaison for our school, and get a tour of the facilities. Not only will they hear stories and see pictures of past wishes granted, they’ll get a picture with Stella the Make-A-Wish mascot in front of the Wish Wall. When finished at the Make-A-Wish offices, students will be driven around the city to a few of the more famous locations to enjoy the views of our town (like the Point and Mt. Washington, etc.). The 'winning' students will be given a permission form to be filled out by parent/guardian in order to leave the school.

Explanation of Event Letter- Sent home in Wednesday mailbags on April 25, 2012

Donation/Pledge Form-To be turned in to P.E. Teacher May 4, 2012

Click below to read more about the WISH STORIES SAES HAS HELPED GRANT:
'11-'12 Daniel, Hope (coming soon)
'10-'11 Jenna, Christopher, Olga, Michael, and Jacob
'09-'10 Dominique, Kyle, Lavante, Aarush

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