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Shaler Area primary schools rank among top in state
Shaler Area is proud to announce all four of its primary schools are ranked among the top elementary schools in Pennsylvania by the U.S. News & World Report.  
Shaler Area dedicates walking trail in memory of Reserve Primary teacher
Shaler Area School District and the Reserve Primary School community dedicated the Kim Baysek-Young Memorial Trail in memory of the beloved third-grade teacher at Reserve Primary who passed away early in the 2020-21 school year.  
Shaler Area renames walking trail and Extra Mile Award for Reserve Primary teacher
Kim Baysek-Young, a beloved third-grade teacher at Reserve Primary School, passed away early in the 2020-21 school year, and recent board action ensures her memory will live on within Shaler Area School District.  
Shaler Area school counselor named Pennsylvania School Counselor of the Year
Congratulations to Shaler Area school counselor Lezlie DelVecchio-Marks on being named Pennsylvania School Counselor of the Year by the Pennsylvania School Counselors Association (PSCA).  
Kindergarten registration is now online
Due to the mandated school closure, Shaler Area School District now will be accepting online registrations for students entering Kindergarten in the fall of 2020.   
Health & Safety Update: COVID-19
Given the evolving situation with coronavirus (COVID-19), Shaler Area School District has created a website to provide families with the most up-to-date information specific to our schools as well as helpful links for families: http://www.sasd.k12.pa.us/COVID-19.aspx. We will continue to share significant changes in procedures and information via email, but please use this site as a resource for additional information or to reference past communications. 
Shaler Area’s Go Bucket project expands into two additional buildings
Shaler Area is grateful for the generosity of its community and the District Parent Council to expand the Go Bucket project into two additional schools in October.  

4B Mr. Brough

4th Grade Mathematics and Social Studies
Voicemail: 3641
Homework Hotline: 3902 



Place Value and Problem Solving Activities

1. Ordering Decimal Numbers

2. Rounding Whole Numbers and Decimal Numbers

3. Place Value and Problem Solving Activities

4. Place Value Puzzler

5. The Number System

6. Place Value Help

7. Place Value Game

8. All About Place Value

9. Rounding Off Numbers

10. Expanded Form Practice

11. Comparing Decimal Numbers

12. Decimal Place Value

13. Compare and Order Decimals

14. Ordering Decimals

15. Place Value Models

16. Ordering Decimals 



1. Area of Parallelograms

2. Area of Trapezoids

3. Area of Triangles

4. Forming a Cube

5. Volume of A Box

6. Geometric Solids

7. Interactive Geometry Dictionary

8. Interactive Geometry Dictionary Lines

9. Symmetry

10. Symmetry Part 2

11. Create A Geometric Shape

12. Slides, Flips and Turns

13. Shape Sorter and Venn Diagrams

14. Triangle Classification

15. Geometry Flash Cards

16. Geometric Term Games

17. Geometric Term Page

18. All About Geometry

19. Interactive Geometry

20. Polygon Shape Database

21. Nets that Fold to Solids

22. Introduction to Angles

23. Angles

24. Measuring Angles Using Protractors

25. Angle Activities

26. Measuring Angles Using an Interactive Protractor

27. Perimeter of Polygons

28. Area and Perimeter

29. Area and Perimeter Problems

30. Solve Simple Area and Perimeter Problems

31. The Tessellation Tool Box



1. Interactive Pan Balance

2. Pan Balance Numbers

3. Pan Balance Shapes

4. The Function Machine


1. Bar Grapher

2. Box Plotter

3. Circle Grapher

4. Gere's Bike Shop

5. Data Picking

6. Create a Graph

7. Coordinate Graphing

8. Coordinate Graphing Part II

9. The Coordinates Game

10. Reading a Grid: Find Hurkle.

Fraction and Decimals

1. Get a Visual Picture of a Fraction

2. Fishy Fractions Game

3. Match Fraction Model to Number

4. Mystery Picture With Fraction Word Problems

5. Equivlanet Fractions

6. Equivalent Fractions: Fraction Frenzie

7. Equivalent Fractions: Finding the Fraction that is Not Equivalent

8. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of Fractions

9. Fraction Game

10. Fraction Model I

11. Fraction Model II

12. Fraction Model III

13. Finding Fraction and Decimal Equivalents

14. Finding Fraction and Decimal Equivalents Part II

15. Finding Decimal and Fraction Equivalents Part III

16. Finding Fraction, Decimal, and Percent Equivalents

17. All About Fractions: Interactive Lessons

18. Visual Fraction Tutorial

19. Designer Fractions

20. Addition of Fractions Different Denominators

21. Proportions

Numer Theory: Factors, Multiples, Primes, Composites

1. The Factor Game

2. Factorize

3. The Product Game

4. The Grid Game

5. Multiplication Mystery

6. Multiple Matrix

7. Finding the Least Common Multiple

Problem Solving and Logic

1. Tower of Hanoi

2. Story Problems


1. Measurement Matching

2. Animal Weigh In

3. Measure It

4. Precise Measurements

5. Measurement Practice

6. Measurement Practice 2 
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