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Updated May 28,2014
Titan Decathlon Championship


2014 Titan Decathlon Championship Video Slideshow


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RUNNING:  *Shuttle Run*  *50 Yd. Dash*  *100 Yd. Dash*  *800 M.*  *Mile*
THROWING:  *Softball Throw*  *Discus*  *Shot Put*
JUMPING:  *Standing Broad Jump*  *Running Long Jump*


The Titan Decathlon was inspired by the President's Challenge.  The SAES Titan Decathlon is our effort to promote and encourage fitness, while incorporating friendly competition. 

  1. The top ten boys and top ten girls from each grade level, as determined from their individual event results conducted within their Physical Education classes, will be eligible to compete in the Titan Decathlon Championship (TDC).
  2. Students competing in the TDC will be excused from classes for the entire school day. It will be up to the individual student athlete who is competing in the TDC to obtain and complete any missed school work from that day of classes.
  3. The equipment that will be provided by the Physical Education Department will be; 2 standing broad jump tape measures, 6 softballs, 1 rake, 8 shot puts (6lbs/3.3lbs), 4 tape measures, and 4 erasers.The individual instructors, who will be working the TDC, will supply their own stopwatches, pencils/pens and clipboards.
  4. A scorer’s table will be set up by the white shed near the track displaying the trophies, medals and scoring charts. In addition, a Physical Education instructor/s will help guide the TDC.
  5. The order of events and daily schedule will be different based on student gender and grade. An example is below.  All of the events were selected so all health and skill related fitness components would be implemented.

·        1600m.(testing cardiovascular & muscular endurance) 

·        Standing Broad Jump(testing leg power &
         static/dynamic balance)
(3 APS)

·        50m.(testing speed and reaction time)(2 APS)

·        Softball Throw(testing arm power)(2APS)

·        Discus(testing dynamic balance, muscular strength &
(2 APS)

·        *LUNCH (students will bring their own lunches and 

·        Running Long Jump(testing speed and leg power)(2

·        800m.(testing cardiovascular and muscular 
(1 APS)

·        Shot Put(testing power, dynamic balance and muscular
(2 APS)

·        Shuttle Run(testing agility, speed and coordination)(2

·        100m.(testing speed)(2 APS)

·        *Award assignments

·        Dismissal of students athletes (either to buses or back to
         class if time allows)

  1. The Presentation of Awards:

·        First, second and third places will receive a trophy for 
         each grade level and gender.

·        Fourth through tenth places will receive a bronze medal
         for each grade level andgender.

·        In an event of a tie, the tie will be broken by having
         those individuals competein the 400m (1 lap) race to
         determine the higher place finisher.

  1. A standard operating procedures will be set for each event to assure that each student has performed the event in the same manner using the same or equal equipment.
  2. Scoring System:(all ties will earn equal points)

1st place -40 pts.

6th - 29

2nd - 37

7th - 28

3rd - 34

8th - 27

4th - 31

9th - 26

5th - 30

10 - 25

  1. Physical Education instructor at the score’s table will be recording the winning times or distances for each grade level and gender for the TDC record board located near the gymnasium.
  2. To aid in student identification, each student will have their name printed on a piece of athletic tape and adhere to the front of the participating athletics’ shirt.
  3. After morning announcements on the day of the TDC, the previously chosen athletes will be dismissed to the track to begin the day’s events.
  4. The TDC is scheduled in the end of May with a back up rain date.
  5. Due to physical developmental advantages, students who are repeating a grade level due to unacceptable academic performanceare not permittedto participate in the TDC.
  6. All of the core classes, administration, other Physical Education classes, and/or parents of the participating athletes are invited to view the TDC.
  7. Any Physical Education instructor and/or administrator at SAES has the authority to remove a Titan Decathlon athlete from the championship due to inappropriate behavior and/or unacceptable grades at anytime throughout the current academic school year (detentions/suspensions/failing grades/etc.).
  8. To ensure a fair and consistent environment, the TDC trained athletes are not permitted to use starting blocks and/or track spikes.
  9. To ensure a fair and consistent environment, any student that experiences a prolonged injury and is unable to complete the classroom driven Titan Decathlon in the months of September and October will be permitted to, if desired, complete the 10 events. This will create a solution for all SAES students to have an equal opportunity to compete. The deadline for all Titan Decathlon submissions will be on the first school day in May.
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