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Course Descriptions

Personal Finance
Open to grades 10-12          Prerequisites:  None                           Semester course

In this course, we will learn how to conduct and manage various real-life financial aspects of our lives.   Encompassing salaries, paychecks, checkbooks, savings accounts, budgeting, credit cards, vehicle purchasing and insurance, tax returns, and possibly investments, this class allows the student to experience decisions adults face every day.  The knowledge learned in this course will help students be better prepared for independent living.  The class will focus on the theory, but students will learn the basic math concepts behind the theory. The use of simulation software will enhance students' experience in the class.

Introduction to Business
Open to grades 9-11          Prerequisites:  None                           Semester course

This course will introduce students to various business concepts; focusing on the exploration of a range of careers in the business world.  The first part of the semester will discuss basic business decisions, The Business Cycle, business ethics, social responsibility, and the role of technology, finances, and more.  The second part of the semester will be spent learning different career options and their respective responsibilities.


Business Law 1
Open to grades: 10-12                            Prerequisites:  None                               Semester Course

This course is an elective for all 11th and 12th grade students.  Law and the economical, moral, and social forces that generate it affect nearly every phase of the human endeavor: be it  personal, social, or business.  Thus, a practical understanding of the law and of the legal framework that has grown up around it is invaluable to anyone.  Emphasis is placed on the business law as it relates to the lives of students, their parents, and their associates.

Topics covered include the legal principles of contractual and civil law.  Students learn the basic rules concerning the nature and classification of contracts that will be the type they will encounter throughout their lives.  Students will cover basic law topics then move into torts, contracts, warranties, and deceptive sales practices.  All are beneficial to know as a consumer or as a business owner.  Course highlights include class discussions on current legal matters and possible visits by various guest speakers and / or visit to Allegheny County Civil Court.

Business Law 2

Open to grades: 10-12                    Prerequisites: 64% or better in Bus Law 1                   Semester Course

This course is an elective for all 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students.  While the purpose of Law 1 is to provide students with a basic understanding of the principles of law to aid them in dealing with the most common practical situations that they may encounter in daily living, the purpose of this course is to invite students to learn and experience those areas of law utilized in the business environment and to aid them in the continued study of law after high school.  It includes legal information on courts, lawsuits, privacy and property rights, business dealings, rights and responsiblities in the workplace and discrimination in the workplace.

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