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Hello, my name is Mr. Fisher and I am an Industrial Arts/Technology Education teacher at the Shaler Area High School.  I am a California University graduate with a bachelor's degree in Science and Technology.  My past teaching experiences include both middle and high school teaching.  My first teaching experience was at Seneca Valley High School in which I taught robotics and electronics.  My second educational experience was at Mars Area Middle School where I taught intro to Technology Education. 

I plan on furthering my education with a Masters Degree in Technology Education from California University of Pennsylvania.  I'm looking forward to a fun and successful year at Shaler Area High School!

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Classes Taught

Robotics/Electronics 1

This course will introduce the students to electricity-electronics technology. Students will have an opportunity for "hands-on" experiences in: the ways electricity is produced, how electrical wiring is performed in a home, the methods by which electronic circuits are designed and made, how electronic components function, and how electronic components are combined to construct functional projects. Students will build, test and keep the projects constructed. Some of the projects include a lamp, shocker game, reaction tester and more.

The robotics aspect of the course will introduce students to the history of robotics, the terminology used in robotics and robotics programming. The students will use Lego Mindstorm to build and program a robot to perform the following tasks: sense (light/heat/motion), travel and the use of a robotic camera. Students will program a robot to complete an obstacle course. An introduction to robotic arm programming will be explored using a SCORBOT.

Metal Technology 1

This semester course is designed to provide students an introduction to basic metalworking. Direct hands on experiences include small projects and exercises are used to show the basic processes involved in the following areas: Sheet metal, measuring and layout, hand tools, hand threading metal, foundry, forging, heat-treating, materials identification and safety.

Video Production 1

This course will introduce students to the communications field of video production. Course information and knowledge will be administered through lectures, textbooks, and demonstrations. Students will experience hands-on, video camcorder operations, camera movements, and field production techniques associated with the real world media. Proper video recording techniques and skills will be discussed through lectures. Basic editing skills will be introduced utilizing iMovie editing software. Students will practice their skills through various assignments associated with the information learned in class. Students will also have the opportunity to gain knowledge of the latest technology available in the field of video media. Students interested in careers associated with media communications are encouraged to take this foundation course. 

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1800 Mt. Royal Boulevard Glenshaw, PA. 15116 P 412-492-1200 F 412-492-1236
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