Shaler Area wins 1st place in Fairchild Challenge at Phipps
Shaler Area High School students spent the entire 2018-19 school year competing in the Fairchild Challenge at Phipps and were awarded for their efforts with the top award.

The Shaler Area High School team placed first overall in the high school category in the yearlong environmental challenge that consisted of five different challenges. Students receive scores for each challenge and the scores are totaled for the overall winners. The students competed against 14 area high schools.

Challenge #1 “Shaped by Nature”
The challenge tasked student to compare and contrast a human organ or organ system with a plan of biological system based on either synergy, similarity or human dependence. Students wrote a comparative essay and created a two-dimensional artistic rendering of the biological system superimposed over the organ. Shaler Area High School senior Taya McCullough received a Special Merit award for her artwork and essay, and junior Bri Girty received and Exhibitor Award.

Challenge #2 “Environmental Design: Green Stormwater Solutions”
The challenge required students to create a design for a local property incorporating green stormwater infrastructure that would reduce the amount of surface runoff. A team of students created a plan for the property around the high school’s greenhouse and placed 2nd for their efforts. The team included: Alyssa Juzwick, Jennifer Moore, Caitlin Fedorek, Dakota Carr, Olivia Jarzynka, Anna Sheets, and Rebecca Schiavone.

Challenge #3 “Invasive Species Infographic”
The challenge asked students to use catchy colors and concise graphics to tell the story of their chosen invasive species while inspiring action. The Shaler Area team placed 3rd for its infographic on the Emerald Ash Borer. The team included: Caitlin Fedorek, Dakota Carr, Hannah Coleman, Jamie Eichmiller, and Olivia Jarzynka.

Additionally, Emily Ehrenberger received a Special Merit Award for her infographic on the Japanese Knotweed.

Challenge #4 “Take Earth to Prom
The challenged asked students to plan a “green” prom at their school by incorporating environmentally-friendly practices that reduce waste and are affordable. A team of eight Shaler Area ninth- and tenth-graders placed 1st for their project. The team worked on this challenge over the course of three weeks and created a poster and report to outline their plan. The team included: Hannah Coleman, Jamie Eichmiller, Caitlin Fedorek, Olivia Jarzynka, Lauren Caplan, Dakota Carr, Anna Sheets, and Rebecca Schiavone.

Challenge #5 Environmental Action
The challenge asked students to focus on an environmental initiative in either home, school or community. Shaler Area students worked with the Borough of Etna and focused on four areas of its EcoDistrict initiative: mobility, air quality, equity, and food. To improve mobility, the student researched points of interest, mapped, and created signage for walking trials in the borough. Students also researched air quality facts that will be incorporated into informational signs around the borough pool. Students created a banner highlighting equity that is on display in the borough building. Finally, students shared their winter portion of a Community Supported Agriculture produce box with Etna residents as well as planted produce in the community gardens to benefit the local food bank. The team included: Abby Guiste, Alyssa Juzwick, Anna Sheets, Caitlin Fedorek, Caty Clark, Hannah Coleman, Dakota Carr, Ella Mizera, Emily Kelly, Jamie Eichmiller, Olivia Jarzynka, Rebecca Schiavone.

The high school students received $1,000 for their school as part of their first-place award.

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