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Free breakfast & lunch available during hybrid learning
The Shaler Area School District is pleased to announce that free meals for breakfast and lunch are available for all of the district’s school-aged children whether they are enrolled in in-school instruction or remote instruction.
If my child is in remote learning how do I obtain meals?
Grab-N-Go Breakfast and Lunch will be provided for any day your child is not attending in-school instruction.   Simply complete the google form to preorder your meals.  A link will also be available on the district website at You can pick up your meals at the following location:
  • Emmanuel Lutheran Church 66 Grant Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15223 
    • 11:00-12:00
Meals will be provided Monday through Friday. Please note:
  • Saturday and Sunday’s meals will be provided on Friday.  
No pre-order is needed for the free in-school instruction meal service available in the building cafeteria.

A la carte items (snacks/drinks) will be offered:
Once school begins and there is a regular and safe pattern established for lunch service, a la carte may be offered at select buildings (including the Middle School and High School) if a student has money in their accounts.  Payments will only be accepted via envelopes deposited in centrally located payment boxes or sent to the Food Service Office. Payments will be recorded for the following day, and students can access those balances at that time. No payments or cash will be accepted at the registers due to social distancing and the desire to keep direct contact at a minimum.  
Menu Options:
The menu options will remain consistent as in the past. Students will have similar lunch choices as in every school year.   All food will be handed/served to students rather than allowing students to self-serve.  The Middle School and High School will continue to have MTO items and a la carte for lunch.   Elementary students will continue to have recess time as part of their lunch period at the elementary school.  Students eating in their classrooms will still follow protocols regarding allergies.  Primary schools will have similar protocols, please contact your building principal with any questions.
Student Accounts:
Although meals will be provided free of charge, we are asking that families who have negative account balances work with the Business Office to pay off those balances.  Once these balances are paid, the student can purchase a la carte items. Please contact Mrs. Sue McElhinny at 412-492-1200 ext 2806 or [email protected]