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SAMS Institutes New Policies Regarding Visitation to the School
Good afternoon, Shaler Area Middle School Parents/Guardians.

Shaler Area Middle School is committed to providing a safe and secure school environment.  Beginning on Monday, March 26, 2018, Shaler Area Middle School will institute new procedures for visitors to the building in an effort to increase security:

Visitors to Shaler Area Middle School: All visitors to SAMS will enter the school only through the main entrance on the library side, proceed to the security window and report to the security officer at the vestibule window. 

Meetings (ex: meeting with teacher, team, guidance, administrator or IEP): Visitors who are coming to SAMS for a meeting will need to register with the security officer. Registration at the security window will include the submission of your photo identification.  Your photo ID will be swiped with our RAPTOR system and an ID badge will be issued. Your photo ID will be safely stored and returned to you upon exiting. The RAPTOR ID badge must be visible and worn throughout the entire time the visitor is in the building. This system allows us to monitor the visitors in our building.  Visitors will need to wait in the vestibule area for a staff member to escort them to their meeting. Visitors will also be escorted back to the security area at the conclusion of the meeting.   For security reasons, visitors must now be escorted through the building at all times.

Early Dismissals and Nurse Dismissals: A parent or guardian must report to the security guard at the vestibule window to sign the student out of the building.   The parent/guardian will be asked for photo identification to verify the parent/guardian’s identity.  Parents/guardians will wait in the vestibule and the student will be sent to the main entrance to meet them for the dismissal. 

As a reminder -- When it is necessary for a student to be excused early from school for a dental, medical appointment, or other urgent reason, a parent must submit a written excuse to the attendance office prior to the homeroom period on the day of the request. Professional appointments including dental, medical, and legal should be scheduled after school, on Saturdays, or other non-school days whenever possible. A student is expected to return to school after a professional appointment if school is in session. 

In the event of an unscheduled early dismissal, a parent will need to complete an excuse form (which will be located at the vestibule window), providing this same information listed above.  In addition, the parent will need to allow enough time for the student to be called from their class since this was not a scheduled dismissal. 

The last early dismissal for SAMS will be at 2:30pm so as not to interfere with building dismissal.  On the rare occasion that a dismissal must occur between 2:30-2:50, prior approval must occur through the main office.  Please call 412-492-1200 x2501 for prior approval.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.