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MyPaymentsPlus Customer

Things to note:

  • This function is designed to add parent convenience and prevent accounts from falling into the negative, especially for those who may not always check their email on a daily basis.


  • The existing low balance e-mail alert function and new mobile push notification alerts are independent of each other. Parents can choose to use either option, neither, or use both.


  • Upon receiving a mobile push notification, users have the ability to make a quick payment, directly from their app.


  • In an effort to provide the best possible customer service and receive feedback from push notification users, this feature will be released over the next few weeks to small parent groups at a time, beginning with 5% of the population, 10%, and so on.


  • Parent communication regarding this new function will be sent later this month. Download our MyPaymentsPlus flyer to encourage parents to download the MyPaymentsPlus mobile app.

How it works: