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What's Happening This Week in 3C 
 Week of 1/14/18
**Students should continue to MEMORIZE and practice basic addition and subtraction facts. 
 Memorization of multiplication facts: 9 Quiz Wed.
*SPELLING LIST: c-le and exception
pickle     tackle     whistle      castle      scramble      hustle
stable     simple      sample     staple     puzzle     handle     grumble 
Homophones (Sound alike words):   principle       principal
 4 activities due on Friday 
Usually a page every night (usually only one side)
Mondays and Wednesdays
Tuesdays and Thursdays
4 sentences (Sept./Oct.)
5 sentences (Nov./Dec.)
6 sentences (Jan./Feb.)
7 sentences (Mar.)
8 sentences (Apr.)
9 sentences (May)
10 sentences (June)

PARENTS: Don't forget to read and sign the homework tracker and check over homework EVERY NIGHT!! Thanks for your help!

Specials Schedule:

Day 1 and 4: Music

Day 2 and 5: PE

Day 3 and 6: Art

Library is Day 5 


 We have 19 students in 3C.

Other 3rd grade teachers:

                             3A  Mrs. Cavlovic     3D Mr.Rigo                          

                             3B  Mrs. Miller    



Our third grade curriculum consists of English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health, Music, Art, and Physical Education. Chapter tests and quizzes are given periodically. Tests below 72% will be sent home in the homework folder to be signed and returned.


English Language Arts

Our curriculum integrates spelling, phonics, reading, writing, speaking, and grammar skills into meaningful and sequential learning experiences. Each reading unit is based on a genre (i.e. realistic fiction, biography, fairy tales, etc). The tests will focus on comprehension and skills learned. Story quizzes/tests and unit tests will also be given.  Spelling tests are given every Friday and grammar tests are given at the end of each unit. We will be doing a lot of writing in our class. We use the six-step approach to writing: Brainstorming, Pre-write, First Draft, Sharing, Editing, and Publishing.



This year in Math, your child will be required to memorize all four operations- addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Your child will have to practice regularly to learn these facts successfully. We will be playing flash card games, have races, memory games, etc to make the learning fun. Please practice these activities at home with your child. I would be happy to let you borrow flash cards or you may consider picking up some sets at the dollar store. It’s a good investment and will get a lot of use!Mastering these basic facts is extremely important.


Science and Health

Our Science series is divided into modules. We do many activities, experiments, and group work. We use a hands-on science program that provides students with the necessary skills and learning experiences needed to build a strong scientific background. We also have a Science textbook to supplement these hands-on activities. This year, third grade will be participating in Plant Growth and Development, Rocks and Minerals, and Animal Habitats. We also have a Health curriculum with textbooks. We share these books with the other third grades.


Social Studies

Our Social Studies program uses a hands-on approach to learning about maps, communities, and the United States.  A special unit on the city of Pittsburgh will also be taught. Students will also participate in monthly theme days centered on a specific historical event, holiday, or birthday.

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