Social Studies

We study the different regions of the United States.  By the end of the year not only will the students know all the states and capitals, but will also do research on various historical events from each region. 


Branches of Government WebQuest
Preamble Scramble 
Branch of Government Game 
Bill of Rights Matching 


Constitution Scholastic - complete worksheet after completing this website 4 times.
If you were President
The democracy project - create a scavenger hunt for students using this site.  Title your scavenger hunt: What does government have to do with me?

Northeast Region

Appalachian Trail WebQuest

Northeast Report 

Ellis Island:
   Ellis Island Timeline 
   Photos Then and Now
 Interactive Tour of Ellis Island 
Stories of Immigrants 

Thirteen Colonies
Scavenger Hunt for 13 Colonies 

Washington D.C

Southeast Region

Land Between the Lakes

National Geographic Facts
Forces of Nature - Hurricanes 
KidStorm - Hurricanes 
Hurricane Hunter's Cyber Flight 
Hurricane Photes Kids National Geographic 

Capital Cities 

Underground Railroad


Quilt Websites

Other Sites of Interest

Midwest Region

Great Lakes Lesson

Great Lakes Webquest
Mount Rushmore
      Mount Rushmore facts
      Mount Rushmore Enchanted Learning 
      National Parks Facts about Mount Rushmore 
      Mount Rushmore facts from Buzzle.com
      Mount Rushmore American History 

Ojibwa Tribe 

    Lewis and Clark
            Virtual Trip - click on Virtual Journey
            National Geographic Your On the Trip            
           Discovering Lewis and Clark 
            PBS Lewis and Clark 
            Lewis and Clark Historical Trail 
            The Journey 
           Learning Page Lewis and Clark
            Thinkquest of Lewis and Clark
            Scholastic Lewis and Clark  


Southwest Region

Grand Canyon
     Regions book activity 

Southwest Oil - Spindletop 

Southwest Webquest
Oklahoma Facts
Arizona Facts
New Mexico Facts
Texas Facts

Four corner pictures
   Picture 1 
    Picture 2

Native American Websites

Navajo - Poster Project

Navajo Food 
Navajo Arts - food 
Dine (Navajo) - food 

Navajo Clothing 
Navajo Arts - clothing 

Navajo History Kidipede 
Navajo History after 1500 Kidipede 

Navajo Rugs 
Southwest Art 
History Navajo Rugs 
Dine (Navajo) - Art 

Location/Land - draw and label map
Navajo Nation - land 
Dine (Navajo) - land 

Navajo Hogan 
Dine (Navajo) - Hogan 
The Hoogan 
Flickr Navajo Hogan 
Flickr Navajo Hogan 2 

Sites that can be used for all of the above:

Navajo Home Page 
Navajo Indians 
Navajo Nation - Wikipedia 
Exploring Navajo Nation 
Facts for Kids - Navajo Nation 

West Region

Fun Sites To Visit:


Seeing the Nation

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