Mrs. Sharon Shearer

 Health & Physical Education Department

Grades  K-3 Marzolf Primary School

Email Address: shearers@sasd.k12.pa.us
Primary PE Department Chairperson - Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions about your child or our PE program. Thank you
Education: University of Pittsburgh 
                    Bachelor of Science Degree in Health & Physical Education K-12
                     Carlow University
                     Master's Degree in Educational Leadership
                     Administration Certification


 Please be sure to wear tennis shoes on your child on PE days.

Days 1 & 4            Days 2 & 5           Days 3 & 6
   2D                          2C                        2B
   1D                          1B                        1A
   2A                          KC                       KA
   KD                         KB                       ADAPTED PE
   3A                          1C                        IGIM'S CLASS
   3D                          3C                        3B
Help your child earn their 5 points in PE class by coming prepared. We want all students to be safe in class so please support our rules. The following is a way to help your grade:
1. Long hair MUST be pulled back either with a hair tie or a head band.
2. No hoop earrings - Keep ears safe so wear small post earrings.
3. No jewelry - especially if it is something sentiment or expensive/No necklaces or rings
4. Wear proper clothes to work out in - students get down on the floor and move around.
5. Wear tennis shoes!!! We are teaching your child how to skip, leap, gallop, jump rope, and it's very difficult if they are wearing winter boots, sandals, crocks, or flip flops. Best solution is for students to leave a pair of tennis shoes in their locker so they are always ready to go!


Shaler Area Fitness Tests

Shaler Area believes in educating our young on the importance of a healthy diet and 60 minutes of exercise every day. Students in grades 1-3 are evaluated on their fitness twice a year so be sure to watch for the Fitness Profile in January and June. If you have any questions, please contact your child's PE teacher.

Components of the Fitness Testing:

1. Curl-ups: Students are given 1 minute to see how many sit-ups/curl-ups they can perform with bent knees. Hands are crossed on their chest.
2. Pull - Ups: How strong are their Bicep Muscles? Practice on the monkey bars at a park to improve upper body strength.
3. Flexed Arm Hang: An adapted test for students who cannot perform Pull-ups. Students hold their chins above the bar as long as they can.
4. Shuttle Run: The SR evaluates your child's running speed and agility. 
5. V-Sit & Reach: This fitness test evaluates the flexibility of the student. Practice stretching everyday or during commercials while watching TV.
6. One Mile Run: Accesses your child's endurance. Third graders perform the one mile run.
     1/2 Mile Run: Performed by the 2nd graders.
     1/4 Mile Run: Performed by the 1st graders.
 Please note: If you bring your child to Marzolf's track, a mile will be 8 laps following the yellow lines/Half Mile will be 4 laps and the 1/4 Mile is 2 laps.  

Muscle of the Month

It's never too early to start learning how our bodies work so students in K-3 learn about their muscles. Each month, a new muscle is introduced to the students and relates to the fitness test for that month. For example: If students are performing the shuttle run, the muscle of the month would be their Quadriceps or Gastrocnemius. Be sure to ask your child what muscle they learned in PE class.



Souper Bowl Event:

Primary PE teaches students about helping their community. In January, students donate cans of food for the North Hills Community Outreach Center as part of the NFL Souper Bowl Event. All 5 Primary schools participate in this program and students learn about Food Shelters and helping their neighbors. Students also exercise with the cans as a way to strengthen their upper bodies.

Jump Rope for Heart:
Students get their hearts pumping while they are jumping to raise funds for the American Heart Association during the month of February. Students learn how to call 911, the symptoms of a heart attack, and review ways of how to take care of their hearts through proper diets and exercise. Students also earn prizes as well as free tickets to a Pirate's game in May.  
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