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Click on:      Reading and Language Arts


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                                                                                    Shaler Area School District

                                                                                    Shaler Area Elementary School, Glenshaw 15116

                                                            User name:    saes4

                                                            Password:      12345

Click on:      My Library

                        Storytown Student Edition G4

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Helpful Websites:


 That's A Fact! 

Multiplication Facts Practice 


AAA Math- 4th Grade 

Quia 4th Grade Math Practice 


Perimeter and Area Practice 

Graph Mole- Ordered Pairs 

Feed Billy Bug- Ordered Pairs 

Solid Figures 

 Symmetry Activity- Make your own shape 

 Metric Length Matching 

 Time Online Games 


 Tall Tales 

 Diamonte Poems- Make Your Own 

 Elements of a Story 

 Parts of Speech Quiz 

Improve Your English and Grammar 

Interactive Language Arts/Math Skill Builder 

Author's Purpose Activities 

 FreeRice.com - Help end world hunger by answering questions and donating grains of rice!

Antonym Matching Game 

Antonym Matching Game 2 

Synonym Matching Game 

 Synonym Matching Game 2 

Synonym Concentration 


Online Japanese Vocabulary Quizzes:

 Japanese Color Quiz 

 Number Matching Game 



 Japanese Links: 

 Why Study Japanese?   

Kids Web Japan   *Tons of information!  

 Find your name in Japanese!

 All about the Kimono

 Sushi Guide

 Tammy Yee's Origami Page for Kids

 Japanese Money

 The Japan Times Online


World Cultures Club:

England Activities 

British Themed Online Jigsaw Puzzles 

Sign Language Dictionary

Born to SignOnline Sign Dictionary


Explore Cultures: People of our World 

Explore & More Cultures for Kids 

Kids Culture Center 

 Countries and their Cultures 

Halloween Around the World 

More Halloween 

 China Web Hunt 


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