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                                          The Emotional Support Classroom


            I would like to introduce myself. My name is Linda Hryniszak. I have been teaching and working with children within the emotional support setting for 17 years. I have a B.S. degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and a M. Ed. Degree from Duquesne University.  Mrs. Stampfle works with me in the classroom. We have been working together for ten years, and have a very good rapport with the students. Our classroom is very structured. We provide both academic instruction (math, English, reading, science and social studies) and behavioral support. Because we have a smaller class size, and more individualized instruction, we are able to help the students one-on-one and provide group work experience, as well as independent work. The academic instruction that they receive within our classroom, follows the district curriculum.  The work is, however, adapted to each child’s individual needs.  The point sheets that the students are required to use, determine rewards/consequences that the students receive. The sheets also help us to focus in on the exact behaviors with which the student is having difficulty. Our goal is to help each child to be successful academically and behaviorally, so that they can reintegrate and be successful within the regular education setting.  

 My Personal Philosophy on Education
     I believe that all students have the right to learn in a safe and nurturing environment.  I believe that each student has the right to be guided to become the best individual that they can be. 
     I believe that the labels that students receive, either as a result of their diagnosis or personalities, should be used as a guide to become aware of issues that need to be addressed, not as a reason to limit or excuse the student from reaching their fullest potential.
     I believe in serving the needs of each student by being fair, consistent, honest, understanding and  compassionate.  I believe in maintaining the personal dignity and integrity of each student by treating them respectfully and by providing them as enriched an academic experience as possible, so that they can feel positive self-worth and pride in themselves by accomplishing and achieving academic knowledge and effective personal skills. 
     As a teacher, I believe in working with my peers in a professional manner.  I feel that the key to maintaining an effective professional relationship with peers is with respect, on-going communication and good listening skills.  I believe that working as a team is essential to effectively reaching and meeting the needs of each student as well as promoting the professional growth of staff members.
     Finally, I believe that as a teacher, I am always in the position of being a positive role model.  For that reason, I believe that character counts; how I act in my personal life reflects on my professional life.  That is why I strive to be reliable in my word and consistent in my actions in every situation, professional and personal, in which I am placed. 
Classroom Management Philosophy
   My philosophy of classroom management is that classroom discipline is a means to provide structure and structure prevents chaos.  In order to prevent chaos in the classroom, it is necessary to promote discipline.  For discipline to be effective it needs to be administered in a firm, fair and consistent manner.  To prevent students from feeling overwhelmed, if structure is a new experience for them, it is important to allow the student to participate in developing structure by allowing choices.  For instance, if the classroom discipline involves staying seated during instruction, and a student decides to roam around the classroom, during instruction time, the teacher should calmly remind the student of the rules and consequences.  Following the reminder, the teacher should give the student the choice of returning to their seat or receiving the consequences.  Giving the student the opportunity to make the choice toward following the structure of the classroom, helps the student to become responsible for their actions and feel more in control of their positive development.  Should the student be in distress during this process, the teacher can use various classroom tools to help the student calm down. These tools can include, but are not limited to,  a time out area, a rocking chair, an area to draw or write about their feelings, a place to use headphones to listen to calming music or a book on tape, and the option to talk to a counselor.
   Providing discipline and structure in the classroom helps to better prepare the student to function in the world outside of the classroom.  Discipline and the structure that it provides, is a part of life.  By helping the student to understand and participate in classroom structure and discipline, the teacher sets the student up for success in and out of the school environment.


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