K to 1st transition Ideas

Making a "Sweet" Transition into First Grade

The kindergarten year flies by and before you know it your child will be preparing for first grade...

What can you do to make the transition from kindergarten to first grade a success?

Review letter recognition skills


Read to your child daily


Let your child read to you (decodable books are best)


Review basic sight (everyday)words (scroll down to see a list of sight words and for games to play at  home)


Practice writing daily (check out the suggestions below)


Reinforce letter sounds


Use the packet of materials handed out at the "Bridge the summer gap" parent meeting in May. Do the daily activities on the calendar for 5-10 minutes.



Every grade builds upon the previous year, therefore you can expect a period of review during your child's first few weeks of first grade. If you have done the above things with your child over the summer, they will enter first grade with confidence and will begin the year on a successful note! 


Writing suggestions: Have your child write a journal entry and respond to a prompt. 

  • They should write  at least two complete sentences.
  • You can provide them with the list of sight (everyday) words to help correctly write each one in their sentences.
  • Encourage neatness, a capital at the beginning of each sentence, and correct punctuation at the end.
  • All the sentences should be about the same subject.
  • Try these prompts or make up your own:
         *What do you miss about Kindergarten?
         *What are your favorite things to do in the summer?
         *What did you do on your vacation?
         *What is your favorite book and why?
          *What do you want to be when you grow up?


Kindergarten Sight Word List:

and     I     like     to     are     you     see     do     the     made     my     is     there     me     a     on     they     go     when     have     look     what     of     with     said     that     this     no     four     your     would     give     very  some     want     more     one     who    many     does     two     any     where     should     once      their     were      because     sure     friend     was      has      we     for    he     she 


List of Dolch Sight words in flashcard form and activities to practice them


**First Grade

cake1Three Easy Sight word games to play at home 

    More Sight word games to play at home      



Have fun and enjoy the summer!
See you next year!

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