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Mrs. Zientek's Homepage

5th Grade Communication Arts
and Social Studies

Contact Information

Email: zientekk@sasd.k12.pa.us

Phone: (412) 492 - 1200 Ext. 3645

Homework Hotline: (412) 492 - 1200 Ext. 3910

It is hard to fail,
but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.

Theodore Roosevelt


Classroom Rules:

  • Treat others with courtesy and respect.
  • Follow directions the first time they are given.
  • Raise your hand to speak during instructional times.
  • Have all materials ready (including homework) when class begins.
  • Stay on assigned task.
  • Show respect for personal and school property.
  • Show that you are listening by making eye contact and asking questions.

Homework Policy

* A stamp or note will be placed in students' trackers for each missed assignment. This is an important communication tool that should be reviewed nightly.The stamp will be placed in the aligning subject block of the missed assignment. Please ask your child what assignment he/she is missing.  Parents/guardians will be contacted at the teacher's discretion; however, I encourage you to contact me with any concerns.

     Homework is given at my discretion to reinforce the concepts and skills taught within the classroom. Daily assignments are posted in the classroom and I provide a specific time to allow students to copy their assignments into their tracker. Assignments that are not completed at school should be completed at home and returned the next school day (unless otherwise specified to the student). 

 Please refer to the homework hotline (412-492-1200 ext. 3910) to make sure that your child’s tracker is completely filled in.

Parents/guardians are expected to review and sign the homework tracker every night. I encourage you to call the homework hotline to make sure that the information that you are signing is accurate.


* Show your child that school is important by doing the following things:

o       Help your child feel good about doing homework (try to keep a positive attitude)

o       Establish homework as a top priority for your child

o       Ask to see your child's daily assignment notebook

o       Make sure your child has a quiet place to do homework

o       Set a routine for doing homework

o       Do not let your child get out of doing homework

o        Contact me if your child is struggling with homework

* I expect homework to be:

o       Neat and turned in on time

o       Completed in pencil unless I indicate otherwise

o       Completed by the student - At this grade level, it is appropriate for parents to help and double check work, but not to do the work for the child.

o       Double-checked

* These principles are the foundations of good study skills. This is the time to lay and build on these foundations. Children who learn to study in earlier grade levels have a higher success rate all through school. Homework is not meant to be busy work.


What are YOU reading? See what 5C students think of their latest books!

"I think the My Weird School series is good because they are short and funny books!!!! Whoever needs Reading Counts quizzes should read these books and they are very funny!!!!!"
~Jason Wiggins

"I think The Hunger Games series is the best because it has a lot of action!!!! I think everyone who likes action would love it!!!!"
~ Jason Wiggins

"I think that Harry Potter is the best series ever created. I think that everybody will like it, even if they don't like fiction. It is very intense!" ~Erin Simard

Communication Arts Links 

Students now have access to their reading text book online!

Please go towww.thinkcentral.com. Each student's username is saes5 and their password is 12345. House 5C students can also see me for a handout with step by step instructions. Here, you can view stories from the reading text book, highlight, take notes, hear the stories read aloud, and have access to additional material from our reading series. When you enter the website, you will first have to click/enter...

- Reading and Language Arts (click)

- Storytown (click)

- State (click from drop down list)

-District (click from drop down list)

- School (click Shaler Area Elementary School from drop down list)

-Login name (enter)

-Password (enter)

If you are having trouble with the website, please call the technical support at 1-800-210-9157. This information is also on the www.thinkcentral.com website.


You may also want to explore the Harcourt website at www.harcourtschool.com. This will allow you to see a glossary view of our vocabulary, review grammar, read about the authors of our stories, find ideas for writing, and find additional information about our reading book. Click on the following after you reach the website:

- (Red box on left) The Learning Site

- Reading

-Story Town


www.freerice.com For every answer you get right, they donate ten grains of rice through the UN World Food Program. Help end hunger by using a dictionary or www.dictionary.com


Practice spelling commonly used words at www.spellingcity.com.

Subjects and Predicates:



Parts of Speech and Grammar:

Possessive Nouns

Capitalizing Proper Nouns

Sentence Builder (common errors, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and punctuation)

TONS of Grammar Games!


Social Studies

Click on the link below for helpful resources from our text book.

www.eharcourtschool.com Username: saes5 Password: 12345

Click on the website below to connect to current events and what happened in history on a particular day!


Find activities to support what we are learning on www.harcourtschool.com.

http://www.pdesas.org/module/content/resources/5501/view.ashx -Try this Marco Polo game to see if you can follow his journey through China! (Chapter 3)

To learn more about the life and legacy of Christopher Columbus, try the following links:Christopher Columbus, 1492: An Ongoing Voyage,Christopher Columbus: Man and Myth, Christopher Columbus ... His Gastronomic Persona,Recipes from Christopher Columbus ... His Gastronomic Persona,The Columbus Navigation Homepage,Medieval Sourcebook: Columbus's Letter to the King and Queen of Spain, 1494.

Latitude and Longitude: http://olc.spsd.sk.ca/DE/k9mod/Mapskill/mod3fl5.swf

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