Interactive Sites

For those aspiring Engineers, Architects, Doctors, and Astrophysicists among us!

SODA PLAY (click "Create" to make your own!)

Google Sketchup
(makes 2D and 3D models.)

Catapult Design Simulator

"Try Engineering" simulators (Bridges, trebuchet, robotic arm, parachute, and others.)

EdHeads! Design a cell phone, perform virtual brain, knee and hip replacement surgery, examine a car crash as a police officer would, and more.

Light, Radio and Sound Waves (Interactive demonstrations about the Electromagnetic spectrum from Stealth technology to ripples in a puddle!)

Astrophysics and Gravitational Pull (Shoot a missile while dealing with Gravitational pull of near by planets.)

Atom movement with gravity

Adjust the delicate balance between gravity and temperature for life to exist on earth


Harry Potter Sorting Hat Ceremony (Take a short test to see what house you would belong to in Hogwarts)

For those who want to really test their knowledge of the books, you can take Final Exams- one for each Year, corresponding to one for each of the five (so far) Potter books. Of course since you mark them yourself, you could cheat - but then, what would be the point of doing them?

First Year Exam(Harry Potter and the Philosopher's or Sorcerer's Stone)
Second Year Exam(Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)
Third Year Exam(Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)
Fourth Year Exam(Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Fifth Year Exam (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)

Give and Let Live
A free educational resource for 14-16 year olds about donation – blood, bone marrow, organ and tissue.

Greg’s Science Song
A good old sing-along website that might be useful to set the mood and liven up the odd science lesson!

Fancy the idea of science in cartoon form? Give Howtoons a go. The cartoon strips are very engaging, then you can download the pdf to tell you how to do it. Brilliant! The blog section is well worth a visit too.

Masses of ideas for things to make and instructions on how to do it.

LaughLab was a scientific experiment to find the world’s funniest joke. The data has been gathered and analyzed and you can read all the findings here.

Nina and the Neurons
The experiment which uses honey, cooking oil and water to demonstrate density is called ‘Every Drop Make’. Check out Nina’s Lab and the Germ Counting with Charlie and Lola game. Great site for young ones.

Phys Link
Ever wanted to know what happens at a physics party? This and more physics and astronomy fun.

Aimed mainly at the under 10’s, this site has lots of games, activities and features designed to make learning about science fun.

Quiz Busters
Choose pre-arranged quizzes, or fill up with questions of your own. The quizzes are in the style of the famous blockbuster TV quizzes of yore.

Science Comics
Focusing on scientific enquiry and materials and is aimed at 7-11yrs. It includes fun and engaging chemistry comics, games, such as word searches, quizzes and Sudoku, plus a suite of teaching resources.

Science Hobbyist
Strange mélange of themes and information, and some very weird experiments with your face mind and body!

Science Jokes
Humor is the best medicine. This site is dedicated to medical, biology, physical science, and chemistry humor of all kinds.

First in Math **See note below**
The official First In Math site: the foremost online math resource for grades K to 8 and beyond! The First In Math® Online Program is a proven curriculum supplement that solidifies basic mathematics skills, and can significantly improve test scores.
**In 2010 -11There were school wide/grade wide competitions going on here at SAES**
Due to budget cutsSAES did not renew the license for First in Math for the 2011-12 school year.

Davitily Math Academy -a free place to learn and practice math

Periodic Table -
-A nice intro to the Table - when you click on an element it give an understandable description of the element - great for curious future Chemists.

Once you get good at the Period Table, try this game of identifying the symbols.


20 Questions
This is a great site that will leave you wondering. It's the Internet version of the game '20 Questions' and is an exercise in artificial intelligence. The site’s been going for about 10 years and all the information the program has comes from users answering its questions.

Anatomy Arcade
This is a strangely addictive website which features flash games, interactives and videos that aim to …’make the basic human anatomy come alive..!’

Billy Blood Drop
The official mascot of the British National Blood Service. You can play games or download the Billy Blood Activity Book.

Bone’s and Harry’s Haunted House
A site for 7-9 year olds studying ‘Moving and Growing’. Lots of little tasks, quizzes and mini games to bone-up on the skeleton, joints and invertebrates versus vertebrates.

Crayon Physics
An addictive game playing with crayons and physics. The goal of the game is to move the red ball so that it collects the stars. You can cause the red ball to move by drawing physical objects. With the mouse button you can draw and with the right you can remove objects.

Dance Mat Typing
Attention all two-fingered typists!This site borrows a concept from those machines in the Amusement Arcade where lithe 14 year olds wow the crowd by stamping out complicated patterns with their feet. Thoughyou may be glad to hear, on this site your fingers to do the dancing.

Eat Well
Interactive games on a number of different healthy eating and food hygiene issues from the Food Standards Agency.

Engineering Interact
Interactive science and engineering for 9-11 year olds. Try Ocean Odyssey: the evil Sea Serpent has stolen Mel Scale the mermaid’s voice. Investigate the science of sound to solve the fishy goings-on.

Exploratorium:Depth Spinner
Here's an animated optical illusion from the Exploratorium. Watch the swirly spiral for 30 seconds - then look at your hand and yeooooucgh, it looks like the flesh is melting. Nurse, help!

Fantastic Contraption
This is a physics game in which you have to find ways of moving the pink circle into its goal. However – how to move it? You have wheels and rods and all manner of options but will your contraption actually do the job?

Funology is a colorful site full of activities like recipes and crafts. There are also some really terrible jokes you can tell your friends! Check out the laboratory for some fun experiments.

Tree Trumps
A game that will teach you pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about wood. This Flash game aims to teach people not only about the varied properties of wood, but also, importantly, the differences in sustainability.

Try Science
From the New York Hall of Science, this website is great fun. Plenty of interactive experiments to try online or offline. We had a whale of a time trying out Mysterious Melodies in the Medicine & Health section. It was like the X Factor all over again!

Yucky Stuff
Yucky science stuff for kids including worms, roaches and other gross things.

Science Made Fun
Are you partial to a podcast? Look no further than this website designed to enthuse kids about science with podcasts, videos and hands-on features.

Virtual Fishtank design virtual fish and release them in a virtual fish tank

Hamster Academy hamsters

Cyber Flower virtual plant game, tend for and grow a flower

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